Full Service

We provide the power, features, and reliability that many full service restaurants need from Aloha and Dinerware into a modern app like Clover while making it easier and faster to use. We also provide full customer support and affordability that makes it accessible to all restaurants.
$175 per month per full pay station.

Quick Service

Choose and configure the features you want, optimizing our point of sales for quick service. With just a twist of the screen present the customer their payment and allow them to select their tip and choose between emailing or printing a receipt. Reports simplify bookkeeping and payroll.
$44 per month per full pay station.

Familiar, only better

All the features you expect from a POS that fits the needs of any restaurant, but with next-generation power built into a single product. Sync your menu and prices across POS, website, kiosk, and apps.

Improve efficiency

Dinesync hides the complexity of modern tech to give features that automate online and on-premise orders and provide powerful reports showing strengths and weaknesses.

Increase revenue

Attract new customer with online ordering and search engine optimization, improve customer relationships with direct marketing through texting and email, and use kiosks to cut labor costs.
multi-platform support

Dinesync modernizes the restaurant ecosystem

POS built for restaurants with everything you need

All the features you know you need wrapped in an easy-to-use design that scales for any restaurant, from a small coffee shop to a large full-service diner, but powered by the cloud and works across tablets, phones, and laptops.

Synchronize your menu

Make any changes to your menu in the POS and it will immediately update everywhere. Easily control pricing, even if it varies by time of day, menu selection, menu item options, and carry-out or delivery options. Editing your menu is easier than updating your paper menu.

Use our free website or integrate to your existing site

You have many choices for your website: use one of our free website templates, have us build a custom website, or use your existing site. Our sites are search engine optimized and look great across devices and screen sizes. All options include syncing your menu.

Works on many devices and screen sizes

Flexible configuration allows you to choose the devices you need. Pick you screen size: iPad, Windows tablet, Android tablet, PC, small screen, or large screen. Pick your peripherals: cash drawer, customer receipt printer, and kitchen printer. Take orders directly at a table with a tablet.
point of sales chart example

Dinesync gives you tools to improve efficiency

Use business intelligence to empower your decisions

Search the entire history of your business operations to compare quarters, weeks, years, showing what areas that are profit drivers and what segments need improvement. Our analytics can assist with staffing, show staff members with the best upsell, and how many people visiting your website turn into customers.

Spend less time on bookkeeping

Profit centers, gross sales, taxes, employee tips, employee time records, and discounts are easy to review in the POS but also easy to export to accounting software or to a spreadsheet.

Easily manage orders and tickets

Easily find any order with a variety of search options, and handle any payment workflow: splitting checks, moving items between tickets, paying by percent, and making multiple payments on one ticket. Know the what, when, where, and why for all orders.

Fully integrated online and kiosk orders

Orders made online and at a kiosk are secure and go directly into your POS and can automatically be sent to a kitchen printer. You can easily switch between orders created from a server or online, and switch between order types of dine-in, carry-out, curb-side pickup, and delivery.

Focus on your restaurant instead of tech

Dinesync provides tech support to ensure that the tech behind your operations runs smoothly. We provide a quality and vetted product and ensure you are our happy client.
point of sales chart example
diagram depicting cloud conncted point of sales

Dinesync improves your bottom line

Reduce labor costs with kiosks and online ordering

Reduce labor costs with kiosks or let the customer order and pay on their phone. Your menu and pricing is always in sync, and the automated ordering process is just as easy as using a server, providing all the options and choices.

Directly market to your patrons with text messaging or email

Customer relationship management is built into the POS, allowing you to text or email promotions to your patrons.

Add online ordering and delivery without any extra work

Dinesync's POS is built with online ordering fully integrated into your website and can also add delivery services without hiring a single driver.

Take command of your online identity with the web and apps

Customers can easily find you with your search-engine-optimized website, and easily know their dining-in, carry-out, and delivery choices. The patron stays on your site if ordering online, never leaving your brand. Dinesync is bringing a highly relevant search system that matches people with restaurants. People will focus their dining decisions based on the menu and not on a bad review.

Dinesync POS Screenshots

point of sales main screen dark color theme point of sales main screen dark light theme point of sales adding menu item to ticket point of sales customer payment screen with auto tip point of sales menu editor point of sales menu item modifier dialog point of sales main screen orange color theme point of sales profit centers chart point of sales deposit chart point of sales chart with portrait orientation point of sales menu editor point of sales menu editor dialog point of sales settings point of sales user security point of sales payroll report

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