Excellent Quick-Service Features with Big POS Power

Our quick-service mode for $34 per month per full pay station, and we offer zero-down equipment leasing.

Choose to allow the customer to select their tip with a flip of the screen
Customers can easily choose to print or email their receipt
Custom-built kiosks to allow customers to order and pay, reducing labor costs
Easily navigate between carry-out, dine-in, and delivery orders
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Designed for Speed

Customer Pay

Menu Editor


Easily Manage Payment and Tips

Accept all credit cards and Apple Pay. Our fast and easy reporting allows you to understand your cash and credit flow.

Easily manage tips. Track tips for all employees and manage the till as credit tips are cashed out.

Customers select their tip and can chose to have a printed or emailed receipt.

Restaurant Operations Simplified

Easily manage orders across dine-in, carry-out, and delivery.

Employees have their own account with no extra cost, tracking sales, tips, and time.

Access reports anywhere. Make bookkeeping and accounting easy by pulling your data from our client portal.

Easy and Fast

Use jumplists to quickly navigate between categories and menu items, and easily edit menu layout.

Quickly edit tickets and work with multiple orders at the same time, allowing more complicated orders to be done later while processing faster orders.

Apply modifiers with speed and ease.

Incredible Flexibility

Use multiple stations that stay in sync. Take orders on one and payments on another.

Use custom-built kiosks to allow customers to directly order and print to kitchen.

Your online menu stays in sync with changes you make to the menu. Customers can make orders with all the modifiers and options you provide.

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