Powerful Full-Service Features

Our full-service features for $75 per month per full pay station, and we offer zero-down equipment leasing.

Apply any type of modifiers and sync kitchen orders perfectly
Easily merge, split and receive multiple payments for tickets
Split a single menu item across multiple tickets for payment
Quickly navigate from table and ticket and from ticket to table
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Payment Manager

Menu Editor


Best Payment Management

Pay by any combination. Accept multiple payments on a ticket. Or split tickets for each customer.

Split a single menu item. A single menu item can be split across tickets to allow customers share the price.

Apply discounts. Use preset discounts on entire ticket or specific menu item.

Keep Kitchen and Orders in Sync

Easily manage kitchen orders. Each station can support three different print stations, such as hot and cold kitchens and bar.

Take orders at the table. Skip returning to a station and send order directly from table.

Multi-Course meals. Configure your courses and manage how the kitchen progresses.

Powerful Menu Editor

Hassle free modifiers. Easily control menu item modifiers with prices, sizes, and many other settings.

Manage multiple menus. Happy Hour, Breakfast, Dinner, Lunch. Multiple menus are easy to manage and to control access.

Keep stock count on any menu item.

Incredible Flexibility

Table service made simple. Servers can put orders in while at the table, sending order directly to the kitchen.

Access bookkeeping data anywhere in the world with our client portal. Your accountant can easily access data anytime.

Manage payments at any station. Start a payment at one station and close out at another.

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