National Food Days: October 2018

October is about much more than Halloween candy. Find creative ways to celebrate these upcoming national and international food holidays in October. Here are fifteen key ones to inspire your kitchen and bar.

October 1: World Vegetarian Day

Soy ahoy! October kicks off with a celebration of meatless cuisine with the 41st World Vegetarian Day. Hug a cow and eat your broccoli on October 1.

October 4: National Vodka Day

Prost! It’s open season for your bar program, but your chef may also get inspired to booze up desserts, sauces and infusions with vodka.

October 6: National Noodle Day

Soba. Spaghetti. Squash noodles for the gluten-free crowd. There’s a noodle for everyone.

October 8: National Fluffernutter Day

It was news to us that the super-sweet fluffernutter sandwich had its own day. It was less surprising to learn that someone had made a cocktail inspired by it.

October 11: National Sausage Pizza Day

There’s technically no restriction here on what kind of sausage to use for National Sausage Pizza day. (Does field roast go well on pizza? How about blood sausage? Maybe test those before you serve them as specials to guests, if you haven’t already.)

October 11: World Chicken Day

The second Thursday of October is World Chicken Day. In 2011, the total number of chickens on earth was estimated at over 19 billion. So, they outnumber us by about 3 to 1. It seems maybe they should get more than one day a year, by those numbers, but October 11 is it.

October 12: World Egg Day

Get it? The chicken comes before the egg. The second Friday of October is World Egg day, so put an egg on your specials that day. And at the bar, flips and sours should be all the rage.

October 14: National Dessert Day

As if October weren’t already the month for sweettooths, National Dessert Day is right in the middle of it. Getting guests to indulge in an after-dinner sweet treat should be easier than usual, right?

October 18: National Chocolate Cupcake Day

No matter what your opinion may be about cupcakes (overrated? Too much frosting? The best thing ever?), this day is all about the chocolate variety…but that still leaves lots of room for variation.

October 23: National Boston Crème Pie Day

I must confess, it has been years since I’ve had a proper slice of Boston Crème Pie. There’s no excuse, really. Boston is just down the road. (Interstate 90…just 3000 miles east of our HQ in Seattle.) Maybe that needs to change, and it looks like October 23 is the best day to do it!

October 24: National Bologna Day

Some people may not be convinced that processed bologna actually counts as food. They will be pleased to know that the Center for Science in the Public Interest also counts October 24 as (quite simply) National Food Day. I guess that’s scientific proof that it isn’t. #bolognascience

October 24: World Tripe Day

The Tripe Marketing Board (yes, that is a thing) declared October 24 to be World Tripe Day in 2013. When you stop by your favorite taco truck, make sure to get the Tripas, or a nice bowl of Menudo, si?

October 25: National Greasy Food Day

Deep fried or stir fried, this is the day to indulge in greasy goodness. Let your cutomers know, just in case they need the extra motivation.

October 25: Word Pasta Day

National Noodle Day and World Pasta Day in the same month? You bet! And because it’s also National Greasy Food day, perhaps October 25 should just be known as International Calorie Bomb Day. We’re all in.

October 30: National Candy Corn Day

Perhaps Halloween’s most polarizing sweet, Candy Corn gets its own day on All Hallow’s Eve Eve. Whether you find a way to honor this sweetest of sweets or curse its inventor, October 30 is the day to do it. Bonus: Halloween itself is national Caramel/Candy Apple Day. Whether you go for the literal thing or serve up a tart, cocktail or fruit salad inspired by it, we hope it’s a real treat.

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